Friday, June 29, 2007

Baby Lulu Princess Butterfly A-line Dress

Eva couldn't wait to wear this Baby Lulu Princess Butterfly dress I recently bought for a photo shoot. I was looking for a good spot to photograph it for quite some time. Initially I wanted to shoot it on the beach but butterflies on this dress were asking for flowers. Thankfully our neighbors had quite nice garden on their front yard. Here is the result:

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Baby Lulu Pink Mums

I don't remember what year was this collection. I think it was Spring/Summer 2004. Baby Lulu Pink Mums short set with matching hat. I like cute little felt flowers -Baby lulu signature decor- on the neckline of the t-shirt.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Baby Lulu China Rose

This is one of my favorite Lulu lines - Baby Lulu China Rose. I had two matching sister's dresses when Eva was 2,5 and Emily 6 months. I regret I never had a chance to proper photograph them both wearing it. Anyway, here is Eva in my studio. She is not even 2 y.o. here but she posed so patiently and professionally I couldn't believe my eyes.

Baby Lulu Tropic

Tropic was Baby Lulu Cruise 2005 Collection. I loved this collection. I still have tons of stuff waiting for Emily since Eva outgrew them in a blink of an eye. This is a baby doll dress and matching ruffle pants. Originally these pants were part of another outfit. I will have to look if I have a photo of it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Baby Lulu Hyacinth Garden - the first fall preview

Baby Lulu just shoot out this new fall collection. It's called Hyacinth Garden. Actually "Hyacinth" pronounced "Giacint" in Russian - I know this flower. I would never guessed it's name looking just at Lulu pattern though! My top pick from this collection would be Kari dress. I love how they combined three different fabrics and it doesn't look busy at all. Maybe I will get this dress for Eva later on.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Baby Lulu Lines Names Archive

There was a wonderful website that had an extensive database of all Baby Lulu lines created to date. I was often referring to it for a name of a line if I couldn't remember it. About one month ago the site was taken down. Actually this website was sort of authority for many ebay users who were selling retired and collectible Lulu pieces. I was thinking I can try to put together something like this for people. I tag every photo with a Baby Lulu Collection name. I know I don't have many especially older ones (before 2004 era) but with your help I sure could give it a try. Please feel free to email me photoattitude at yahoo the name of the collection I am missing with a photo of the item or your kid wearing this if you wish. I will try to put together the full archive of all Baby Lulu lines ever created.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Baby Lulu Raspberry Mums Tara Dress

Here is Eva wearing Tara dress from Baby Lulu Raspberry Mums Collection. I love this easy halter dress style - very summery and open. Eva wore it to the park and was playing on the grass. I said this dress goodbye in my thoughts but surprisingly it handled washing/drying very well. All stains came off and felt flower is still in the shape and looks good.
Her is my model:

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Looks like only one player left for Baby Lulu online sales

Well, I just get a comment from Forgetmenotkids owner on my earlier post that they're still in the game and not going to discontinue Baby Lulu line. Actually it was one of my readers who mentioned it. Anyway, the good news is that we still have at least one Baby Lulu online retailer. The bad news is that there is no competition and it's always a bad thing. I don't know why Trenditikes are giving up - I loved their website, their service, their faster and nicer markdowns and always favored them over Forgetmenot.

Friday, June 22, 2007

New Baby Lulu outfits for Eva

Ok, today I got a package from Trenditikes with three cute dresses for Eva:
Baby Lulu Raspberry Mums Tara Dress
Baby Lulu Sunflower Kerchief Dress
Baby Lulu Princess Butterfly A-line Dress

Frankly, I wasn't impressed with a quality of these dresses. A little loose thread here and there, non-even stitches, even the quality of jersey fabric is no different from Walmart jersey dresses. I was a bit disappointed. Eva loved them all though and she wore Tara dress to my company's BBQ today.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Baby Lulu website is offline

Just about when I finally found time to give a glowing review somewhat updated Baby Lulu website I got this screen:
Does it mean Baby Lulu is coming back with beautifully re-designed all Web 2.0 compliant website? And maybe (gulp) they are finally ready to sell online? How complicated can it be? Obviously very complicated since they post their collections on the website about 2 months later after they hit boutiques. Anyway, I (and thousands of Baby Lulu fans) keep our fingers crossed hoping for a miracle. Since Trenditikes already announced that they discontinue baby Lulu lines and ForgetMeNot are following... Please, Baby Lulu - we love you!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Baby Lulu Periwinkle

Back to Fall 2004 Baby Lulu Periwinkle was a hit. Emily is wearing Baby Lulu Periwinkle Romper. I love her hairstyle on this one!