Sunday, March 25, 2007

Emily in Baby Lulu Southern Rose

Here is Emily in the studio... I took me about 30 minutes and 70 shots to get this picture. Babies move fast. This cute matching outfit from Baby Lulu Southern Rose collection - puff set. Look at cute ruffles on the bun!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Baby Lulu Souther Rose Part II

Here is Emily... She's wearing adorable rose vineyard two piece outfit: another pattern from Southern Rose collection. This outfit was so lightweight and easy to wear that I bought another one a size bigger: she practically grew up in this set. It was August in Florida - do I need to say more? Thank you Baby Lulu for this set!
I had quite a few pictures taken in this... It's all about Emily now.

This is Emily with mom (yep, that's me..)

Baby Lulu: Southern Rose

OK, enough of Morning Glory... My next obsession was Souther Rose - very colorful pattern Baby Lulu introduced in their Spring/Summer 2003 Collection... Here are my babies wearing matching outfits... A rare shot where they look like angels: nobody's crying and hitting.. BTW this is their father. I know, Lulu don't design men's clothes. They absolutely should LOL

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

OK, I was thinking I am done with Morning Glory Collection when I came upon this photo. Such a wonderful 3D flower tee and adorable skirt with pockets. I loved this outfit!

Morning Glory Dress

I lost my count: I think I realy got crazy with Morning Glory print. I just had to have almost every piece from this collection: Jumper Dress. Eva is modeling.

Morning Glory Lycra Suit: one more time

I just loved this cute ruffle two piece set: Baby lulu really found a design that looks great in any print. Actually I bought this later in Southern Rose, Tropics, and couple others. I would have to look up the name.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My little Morning Glory...

OK, as promised... Emily has arrived in February 2005 and here she is with her Lulu blanket...

Another Morning Glory by Baby Lulu

OK, here is Eva about 2 y.o. wearing Baby Lulu Morning Glory Lycra Set.. yes, morning glory again... Call me crazy.

Baby Lulu Morning Glory - I couldn't stop!

OK, guilty as charged... I couldn't stop after my first purchase and bought this adorable bathing suit in morning glory print. It's famous Lulu design - so called 40-ties style swimsuit. You'll see more of this, I promise ... Eva is modeling.

Baby lulu Morning Glory

I LOVED this collection - Morning Glory. I think this is 2003 Spring Line. Eva wearing their Lycra pant suit with lace. I think it was a first Baby lulu outfit I bought. I had only one girl - she's 14 months on this photo. Later I bought a blanket for newborn baby in this print.